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Office Cleaning

 Research shows that in the first 30 seconds upon entering an establishment, a new customer forms an immediate impression of your business. Customers may base 70 percent of their perception on their first impression, which includes cleanliness inside and outside of the facility. 

Medical Facility Cleaning

  Proper Healthcare Cleaning is the First Step to Keeping Patients Healthy Every year in the U.S., over two million people are affected by infections that they contracted during a visit to a healthcare facility. This results in billions of dollars in lost time at work and lost income for their employers. But it's been documented that almost one half of those cases could have been prevented if proper procedures were in place to control infection.    

Property Managers / HOA

 Providing a wide range of services for your property needs. 

  • Porter service
  • Licensed landscaping
  • Pressure washing
  • Power scrubbing 
  • Window cleaning
  • Workmans Comp Ins.
  • Fully licensed 

Child Care Facilities

 Standard building maintenance and cleaning procedures can not meet the unique needs of facilities where children are present or healthcare is being provided. This requires special considerations, materials and equipment. Yet, consideration must also be given to maintaining reasonable and competitive costs. A clean, healthy environment will also enhance your school’s image and marketability 

Restaurants/ Night Clubs

 Perhaps no type of cleaning is as physically demanding and crucial to a business’s success than the sanitation, maintenance, and cleaning of a restaurant. If the highest standards aren’t met, it could mean violations of health-code law, customers could get sick or seriously ill, or employees could be seriously injured. 

Car Dealerships

 The cleaning and automotive industries are similar in many ways. They both rely on creating a great first impression for their customers, with an understanding that they represent the brand of their product and service. 


Floor Waxing

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Landscaping

  We are a fully licensed bonded and insured landscaping service. We only work with commercial clients. We specialize in tree trimming, planting, and general maintenance of your green spaces  

Pressure Washing

Improve you property curve appeal. Residential and commercial pressure washing services.

Window Washing

Nothing transforms your work space or living space more then clean windows. We use the latest water-fed (RO, DI) filtration  window cleaning technology on the market. No streaks and soapy residue like the older techniques.

Green Cleaning